Sunday, July 31, 2005

Potential breeding ground to produce mozzies for the whole of Singapore !!

Many thanks for the contribution from a concerned resident received today, 30 July:

"Attached is pond/drain between Bedok South Rd & Bedok South Avenue 3, next to Bedok Court Condo & nearby HDB flats.
This pond collects excess water from drains during raining days.
However this pond throughout the year is either filled with stagnant water for about 2 weeks after heavy rainfall or
have small pools of water during dry periods.
I have sent numerous messages to the Ministry of Environment to no effect.
Area is not under its care.
This pond/drain is a seal-off area.
It is a great mosquito breeding ground.
Getting someone to clear off the mud and pools of water every now and then is not a solution as most
of the time the stagnant water is good breeding ground for mosquitoes.

There is no need for this pond with improved drainage in the area.
This pond is a legacy of flooding in the old days.
I suggest this pond should be filled up with soil and turn into a park or playground, etc."

Update from NEA:
"Catchment Pond - Bedok Court Condo (between Bedok South Rd and Bedok SouthAve 3)
NEA carries out inspections regularly on the drains including the above.The drain shown in the photograph in the blog website (located behind BedokCourt/Tanah Merah Kechil Road South) is a catchment pond. The pond which isunder the management of PUB, is built for the purpose of receiving surfacerun-offs from the surrounding area when it rains. The surface run-offcollected in the pond is then pumped into the reservoir, while the siltedwater is pumped out to sea via the outlet drains. Though at times, thewater may appear stagnant on the surface, it moves beneath it. The pumpis activated via a sensor which detects rain. The constant flow of thewater makes it not conducive for mosquitoes to breed at such catchmentponds.Nevertheless, NEA and PUB carry out joint inspections of the ponds toensure mosquito breeding habitats are not present. From our checks on 3 Aug05, we did not find any breedings in the pond.Thank you for your feedback.Regards
M RajendranSanitation and Vector Control
South East Regional Office
The National Environment Agency
DID +65 67404156
Fax +65 67473863."


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