Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Choked drains at Bukit Timah Road/Dunearn Road/Gilstead Road and Scotts Road - leaves at open and covered drains

21 Feb 2006

You will note the choked drains are back - even though the ENV Minister has declared the war on dengue has been won barely a week ago!

Please do not let your guards down - because the mozzies will be back in no time if the public drains are not properly maintained, as was the case last year when the menace went out of control, precisely because the guards were down.

Who maintains the drains - open or covered? Obviously, they are not doing a good job!

For open drains, everyone can see if they are choked, but for covered drains, they are not visible unless the covers are lifted, so it is very important that they be maintained regularly.

If you look at 2 of the photos attached (at Scotts Road and Dunearn Road), the open portion of the drains are filled with fallen leaves which extend all the way under the covered portion of the drains as well.


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