Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another choked drain at Dorset Road between Owen & Durham Roads

Sent to NEA on 2 Aug 2005:

This photo (can be viewed on 1 Aug posting) was taken last evening at 6.24 pm, 1 Aug 2005.

It seems every corner one turns, one can see drains choked with fallen leaves, especially the uncovered ones. But I also noticed that where there was chokage, the drains were almost level, hence the drainage was bad, causing accumulation of the leaves and debris. If only there was more gradient in these drains, the drainage would improve.

Is it then due to the design of these drains, ie should they be more "inclined" to allow natural flow? Another solution will be to cover these drains up (pave them) so that they will not collect leaves and debris, but then they would not be so visible to the public if there was stagnant water under the pavement.

As advised in my email earlier, for regular updates of potential mosquito breeding grounds, please visit the blog, www.denguealert.blogspot.com set up specifically so that everyone can play a part in fighting this menace which has seen a rise in recent months. On their part, the residents can help monitor the situation in public areas (besides their own premises), while the NEA can follow up with appropriate action once they are alerted to these potential hazards. NEA should also be vigilant when it comes to potential breeding grounds in unoccupied homes/offices/premises and construction sites (in addition to the public areas), with stricter monitoring and enforcement penalties against recalcitrant offenders (using the 3-strikes-you're-out system?). Only through such concerted efforts can the problem be contained, and hopefully eradicated. The government must have the political will to give this problem the priority it deserves because I believe every Singaporean knows of relatives or friends who have suffered or their loved ones suffer through such terrible ordeal of being a victim of Dengue fever.



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