Monday, September 26, 2005

Kenny Lim's feedback on "Fine way to get town councils to clean up act"

Sent by Contributor, Kenny Lim:

Subject: Feedback on Fine way to get town councils to clean up act


Hi! Salma Khalik,

I fully agreed with your write up. I am trying very hard to get my Town Council and NEA and PUB to be more responsible and efficient in carrying out their duty.

Without policing, they are just as irresponsible as some members of the public. We can't rely on them confidantly.

Have our Government forgotten our sacred PLEDGE to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness? Why double standards being practice in giving out fine to offenders?

As a responsible citizen, since May I am giving feedback to clean up my neighbourhood. In the process of getting my neighbourhood clean up my wife was infected with dengue fever. She was hospitalised in 6th September and discharged on 14th September. Her platetelets went down to 3 and almost died. She is now on one month medication and need a lot of rest.

In view of the Dengue Fever Fiasco, I have contacted your counterpart in Straitstimes,Wanbao and Zhaobao to report on the clogged drains and mosquito breeding ground but was told that the Editor are not interested in these kind of news. Eventually Channelnewsasia reported it on 10pm news last night. What a shame to SPH! Since May I have been giving feedback to my Town Council on clogged up manholes and potential breeding ground.Yet in August, the common drain was found to be breeding mosquito.(see pictures on manholes)

Below is NEA reply to my feedback.

"2.Thank you for your feedback. Our records show that our field officers had found mosquito breeding in the drain next to Block 671A Klang Lane on 18 Aug 05.The breeding habitats were eliminated and the Town Council was alerted to clear the drains and spruce up the area."

Since August 19, I have also persistently wrote to National Enviroment Agency on drains that are badly clogged up and are breeding mosquito. I even collected laarvae sample and gave to NEA staff. Nothing was done.(Pictures attached)

The dengue hotline is also a joke. Refer letter attached.

In the process PUB also gave a false report to NEA for the work that they have not carry out properly. See extract of NEA letter to PUB as follows:

"We inspected the closed drain at Rotan Lane.

Contrary to your claim below, we discovered that the stone and the plank have not been cleared and stagnation of water was observed. The turbidity of water in the drain was black and murky and indicate that no flushing had been done. We also found out that the plank is actually a part of the formwork used for the construction of the covered drain. Apparently, the contractor who constructed the drain had failed to remove the formwork."


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