Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reproduction of my 24 Sep email to NEA: Why is law not equally applied to Town Councils and govt agencies when their areas are found breeding mozzies?

Reproduced from my 24 Sept posting (in fact, the call to fine town councils and government entities if they are responsible for breeding mosquitoes goes way back to Feb 2005 per my letter published in the Today newspaper of 24 Feb 2005, "Mosquitoes breeding in public places ...If found, fine responsible govt entities, contractors" - visit my introductory blog dated 29 July 2005 for details - link, . It's been 8 months since then but, hey it's better late than never!):

Why is law not equally applied to Town Councils and government agencies when their areas are found breeding mosquitoes?

To: Feedback Unit - MCYS

cc: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim - Minister for the Environment and Water Resources

Extract of letter published in Straits Times online forum, 23 Sept 2005 by Mr Henry C W Suriya (in Red below or visit link,,5562,342368,00.html ) listing problem areas in Singapore's fight against dengue and suggested improvements.

However, one big area seems to have been "glossed over": Town Councils.

Why is there double standard in law enforcement - NEA fines households and construction sites who breed mosquitoes but not areas under Town Councils' management (and other government agencies)?

If this anomaly is not addressed, Singapore will never be able to control the breeding of mosquitoes because town councils (who are responsible for a big chunk of the public areas in Singapore) and other government agencies can get away scot-free without punishment when found breeding mosquitoes - NEA should apply the law equally to all, including government agencies like NParks, SLA state land, MOE's schools, PUB, town councils, etc..., not just private residents and corporations whose properties are found breeding mosquitoes.

Town Councils collect conservancy fees from residents (which are quite substantial), and such fees should be used prudently to maintain their areas.



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