Friday, April 07, 2006

Why are public drains not scrutinised? - Straits Times (7 Apr 2006): Govt acts to pre-empt dengue epidemic

Sent on 7 April 2006:

To: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim - MEWR
: Feedback Unit

7 Apr 2006

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

I refer to the article in the Straits Times, "Govt acts to pre-empt dengue epidemic" (ST, 7 Apr).

While I applaud the government's proactive efforts in curbing dengue this year (after the painful lesson last year when the NEA was caught off-guard during the dengue outbreak), I note there is a glaring absence of any mention of NEA's efforts regarding checks on public drains which are the responsibilities of both the NEA and town councils.

As you will recall, most of last years' identified breeding spots were found in public drains (and not homes), so it is disheartening to read of focused efforts targeting at homes while leaving out any mention of NEA's efforts towards the main culprit, the public drains! (Refer above article - "...Homes will be checked every six months, hawker centres and schools every three months, and construction sites - notorious breeding grounds - will come under NEA scrutiny every month...")

Perhaps there are such plans which the media failed to mention, so it would be good if the public can likewise be kept informed of such plans.

Thank you

Best Regards


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