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Dengue comeback - choked public drains again?

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Subject: Re: drains near parc vista and boon lay drive

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I'm back, now that the dengue is back with us again! Have the problem areas highlighted by Ms Kaur been fixed? I hope it has (since it's been more than 3 months old now), but then again, with NEA, one never is sure.

I still see many public drains still choked - I shall whip out my phone-camera again. I hope you guys (NEA, PUB, LTA, town councils, etc...) are not playing "tai-chi" again - shifting blame from one entity to another, at the expense of poor residents.


Swarni Kaur wrote:
see photo of choked drains outside parc vista condo and boon lay drive.
these photo are taken on 7th Jan.
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Wednesday, 27 December 2006 9:07:34

Subject: Flood buster loves checking drains

Hi Mr Yap,

I refer to the New Paper article dated 23rd Dec 06 which mentioned that you spent your "free time" looking at drains instead of shopping. I admire the dedication and drive that you have towards your work.

After my children caught dengue fever a few years ago, like you, I have been monitoring the cleanliness of our drains in Singapore too.

Unfortunately, your NEA counterparts (and their contactors) have been slack in keeping the drains clean. See the attached photo and string of email correspondences.

Thus, it is not surprising for me to read in TNP that
"PUB's technical team and contractors also had to clear 1500kg of flood debis from drains in Olive Road.. The floods has washed down tree branches, cardboard boxes and even a refrigerator".

It is pointless spending precious taxpayer money building world class drainage infrastructure, if NEA can't keep it clean of rubbish.

I hope that MEWR, together with NEA and PUB can work hand in hand to keep Singapore clean, free of dengue. Hopefully, we do not have to wait for the next heavy rain to tell us that our drains are full of rubbish.

Dr Yaccob Ibrahim, Minister for MEWR
Dr Amy KHOR, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for MEWR
Mr Khoo Teng Chye, CEO PUB
Mr Lee Yuen Hee, CEO NEA.


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