Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choked drains: PUB replies

PUB replies, 5th April 2012:

Dear Mr Jeff Ho

Thank you for your feedback.

2 We agree with your observations about the cleanliness of our drainage system. We recognise the challenges in keeping all our drains clean at all times and we are constantly trying our best to do it better. PUB has adopted the performance-based contracting approach for the cleansing maintenance of drains. Under this approach, which is a partnership approach, the contractors are required to cleanse the drains regularly to ensure that they are in good condition.

3 PUB officers carry out regular checks on the performance of our contractors and review the frequency of cleansing based on checks and public feedback. However, PUB officers are not able to be everywhere all the time to constantly check on all our 7,000 km of drains and the many thousands of drop inlet chambers (DICs) which can be choked up by fallen leaves. One of our approaches is also to engage the public to help us in giving feedback to us on specific areas where the drains are not well maintained or DICs are choked. Such feedback will definitely help us to improve our drain cleanliness.

4 On a separate approach, PUB is also trying to improve the design of drainage inlets along roads which allows leaves to be cleared easier by mechanical road sweepers and use of mechanical suction in our regular maintenance of drainage inlets. We will continue to work towards a more effective way of checking and cleaning such inlets, and also to improve the design.

5. PUB is also working very closely with the Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC) from NEA to improve the drain cleanliness . The DPC will ensure public areas are well-cleaned, and progressively integrate existing contracts by various agencies to achieve higher operational efficiency. The integration of cleansing functions for the public areas will be carried out in phases from 1 Apr 2012 onwards.

6. Thank you once again for your feedback and rest be assured that we will continue to do our best to improve our drainage maintenance work and keep our drains clean. Should you spot any further incidences of unclean drains, please do contact our hotline PUB-One (1800-2846600) or DPC hotline (1800-600-3333 or email dpc@nea.gov.sg)

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