Saturday, August 06, 2005

Update: Another choked drain at Dorset Road between Owen & Durham Roads - posted 1 Aug

Reply from NEA, 3 August 2005:

"Our inspection showed that although there was chokage in the drain, no mosquito breeding was detected. The chokage has since been cleared. We had reminded our workman to maintain the drain according to the twice weekly schedule to ensure that the drain is satisfactorily maintained to avert any mosquito breeding or public health nuisance.

We have also forwarded a copy of your feedback to Drainage Departmentto look into the possibility of covering up the drain.

Please feel free to contact our offficer in charge of the area at DID 62639312
if your require further assistance.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Yours faithfully

Nordin SulaimanManager (Tg Pagar GRC2)
Sanitation and Vector Control
Central Regional Office
The National Environment Agency
DID +65 62639312
Fax +65 62739641 "


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