Saturday, October 29, 2005

Choked Drain in front of PUB Jurong Pumping Station near Jurong Lake

Reply from PUB on 28 Oct 2005:

Subject: Re: Choked Drain in front of PUB Jurong Pumping Station near Jurong Lake
1800 X DENGUE (7B6FCF1C59)

MCYS Feedback Unit,
NEA dengue

From: Ming Hwang CHAN

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:05:48 +0800

Dear Mr Jeff,Thank you for your email.

We noted that the drain in front of PUB Jurong Pumping Station near Jurong Lake have a tendency to collect stagnant water.

We agree with you that stagnant water poses a risk to public health due to its potential for mosquito breeding and dengue outbreak. Thus, PUB has immediately mobilised manpower to clear the choke and stagnant water for this particular instance. Thereafter, we will request our colleagues in NEA to increase their frequency of their regular cleansing this particular drain.

As you know, NEA has done a remarkable job in ensuring the overall cleanliness in Singapore which is leading to the high standard of public health, which we all enjoy currently. In addition to the increased cleansing frequency, PUB will shortly evaluate the necessity for further re-grading for this drain. We have previously re-graded this particular drain on 27 Dec 04. Nevertheless, there is a limit to steepen the gradient, due to fixed levels both upstream and downstream. We will optimise the gradient as far as is possible.

Lastly, you may be interested to know that an inter-agency Taskforce is reviewing the design and maintenance standards for drains in Singapore currently. Their findings and recommendation will be presented to the Dengue Coordination Committee by end-year.

In conclusion, we wish to thank you for making the effort in bringing this matter to our attention. And we look forward to working together in assisting NEA in ensuring the high standards of public health, for the best interest of the nation.

Sincere thanks and warmest regards.

Chan Ming Hwang


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