Thursday, October 20, 2005

Perpetual stagnant drain water at Owen/Dorset Road junction (corner at Chr Outreach to the Handicapped premises)

The following sent to NEA:
I've noticed this drain seems to be perpetually choked. As previously suggested, this might be due to the fact that there is hardly any gradient to allow flow (perhaps common with many such drains throughout Singapore - public or private).

I note in today's Straits Times (18 Oct 2005) that the "...PUB would be carrying out minor repairs to about 10 km of drains at some 250 locations islandwide....The repairs are for sections of drains that are sunken or damaged, and will help prevent water stagnation."


1. There is however no mention of any improvements/repairs to be done to drains that do not have sufficient gradient to allow water flow to prevent water stagnation too. Will this (sufficient gradient) be included as part of the repairs?

2. Will drains inside private & public properties - condos, companies, government entities like schools etc.. be also reviewed (and repaired if necessary) to ensure no stagnation?

3. Is the above stretch of drains at the Owen/Dorset Road junction part of the 10 km to be repaired?



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