Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stagnant water at drain/sump pit near the junction of Gentle/Buckley Roads & outside 45A Gilstead Road

Reply from NEA on 25 Nov 2005:

Kindly refer to your email appended below.

Our investigation showed that the level of the sump pit at the junction of
Gentle Rd and Buckley Road has since been raised. The stagnation of water is due to the clogged connecting covered drain in the area.

As for the drain in front of 45A Gilstead Road, the stagnation of water is due to some hardened cement in the drain.

We have requested the relevant authority to flush the closed drain at Buckley Road and and rectify the problem of hardened cement at Gilstead Rd.

In the meantime, we will continue to oil the site regularly to prevent mosquito breeding at the sites.

Thank you for the feedback.

Best regards
Nordin SulaimanManager (Tg Pagar GRC2)·
Sanitation and Vector Control· Central RegionalOffice·
National Environment Agency·
DID+65 62639312 Fax+65 62739641


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