Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To the NEA: No resting on laurels - yet !!!

Sent to Feedback Unit - MCYS on 29 Nov 2005:
Hi Izan,

Thank you for your email.

I am disappointed that NEA would not be responding to me on my query. Does it mean that since NEA have taken steps to contain the recent outbreak, they will stop answering questions raised by the public? Mind you, the outbreak has not been contained yet even if the number of cases has dropped. I don't think NEA would like to give the impression that they have successfully contained the outbreak just because they have met their goal of halving the number of cases. Do they need reminding that there are still some 145 dengue cases weekly (the week of Nov 20th), hardly considered "contained".

All I wanted to know was whether NEA would be publishing the list of breeding clusters on its website (just like the current practice of publishing a listing of dengue clusters on its website). I strongly feel this piece of information is very useful and helpful too for the public so that everyone can do his or her part by being extra vigilant if he or she happens to be staying in the affected areas.

Is it that difficult to answer?

As Dr Yaacob himself pleaded, everyone has a part to play in fighting dengue, so efforts to contain the disease must be ongoing. Therefore, no resting on laurels - yet.


Izan SIDEK wrote:

Dear Mr Ho

Thank you for your feedback dated 28 Nov 2005 which has already been forwarded to NEA.

2. Please be informed that NEA have taken the necessary steps to contain any outbreak. As such, NEA shall not be replying to you.

Thank you


Izan Sidek (Mr),
Executive Officer, Feedback Unit
DID: (65) 6354 8044
Fax: (65) 6354 8128
Website: www.feedback.gov.sg


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