Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clogged drains at Blk 52, Sims Place (a dengue cluster): Good breeding spots?

Sent to REACH and NEA on 29 may 2007:

Jeff Ho wrote:

Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 21:16:17 -0700 (PDT)

From: Jeff Ho denguealert@yahoo.com

Subject: Clogged drains at Blk 52, Sims Place: Good breeding spots?

To: reach@reach.gov.sg

CC: Yuen Hee LEE LEE_Yuen_Hee@nea.gov.sg , 75557@stomp.com.sg,Alias , ONN Alias_ONN@nea.gov.sg , Aminah YUNOS Aminah_YUNOS@nea.gov.sg , Ann WONG Ann_WONG@nea.gov.sg , Chin Boey CHIA CHIA_Chin_Boey@nea.gov.sg , Dalson CHUNG Dalson_CHUNG@nea.gov.sg , Fung Yin PANG PANG_Fung_Yin@nea.gov.sg , Hameed MASDI Hameed_MASDI@nea.gov.sg , Hui Tiak TAN TAN_Hui_Tiak@nea.gov.sg , Jamal MAJID Jamal_MAJID@nea.gov.sg, John GERIZIM John_GERIZIM@nea.gov.sg , Kahlik ISMAIL Kahlik_ISMAIL@nea.gov.sg , Kheng Seng LEE LEE_Kheng_Seng@nea.gov.sg , Kim Kee LIM LIM_Kim_Kee@nea.gov.sg , Kok Choy HUI HUI_Kok_Choy@nea.gov.sg , Lisa KOK Lisa_KOK@nea.gov.sg , PUB Teng Chye KHOO tckhoo@pub.gov.sg , R Chandramogan R R_Chandramogan_R@nea.gov.sg , Raja CHONNAMUTHU Raja_CHONNAMUTHU@nea.gov.sg , Ravindran NAIR Ravindran_NAIR@nea.gov.sg , S Satish APPOO S_Satish_APPOO@nea.gov.sg , Sara BOH Sara_BOH@nea.gov.sg, Selvanayagam INTHRALINGAM Selvanayagam_INTHRALINGAM@nea.gov.sg, Siti Suriani ABDUL MAJID Siti_Suriani_ABDUL_MAJID@nea.gov.sg, Song Joo LIM LIM_Song_Joo@nea.gov.sg, Subramaniam RAMASAMY Subramaniam_RAMASAMY@nea.gov.sg, Yaacob IBRAHIM Yaacob_IBRAHIM@mewr.gov.sg, Zulkarnain HASSAN BAKTEE Zulkarnain_HASSAN_BAKTEE@nea.gov.sg

To: Feedback Unit
cc: various NEA officers

29 May 2007

see attached email from concerned resident.

Moonbeam <> wrote:

Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 22:21:21 -0700 (PDT)

From: Moonbeam <>

Subject: Clogged drains. Good breeding spots?

To: denguealert@yahoo.com


Attached are fotos taken of the drain in front of Blk 52 Sims Place last Thurs (24 May 07). Sims Drive/Sims Place has been a dengue cluster for quite a number of weeks and the areas have been expanding. There's a lot of mosquitoes in the area, and from the condition of the drains there, it seems as though the drains are the cause of the presence of mosquitoes. Weird that no one has cleaned up the drains yet.


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