Wednesday, June 06, 2007

HDB & Town Councils - ST (6 June 2007) - Ltr: New methods and strategy needed to curb mosquitoes

June 6, 2007

New methods and strategy needed to curb mosquitoes

THE National Environment Agency should concentrate not only on households in its drive against mosquito breeding but also on other areas, such as drains in HDB estates and manholes along roads.
Most of the drains in HDB estates and manholes have stagnant water for long periods. They are not flushed or fogged regularly.
Unless the authorities carry out regular maintenance, these are real problems. Unlike private estates where fogging is done once a week, there are no such measures in HDB estates.
Lim Keng Hian

THE article, 'Dengue situation worrying, says head of CDC' (ST, June 2), is indeed worrying.
In an US experiment, it was found that less than 4 per cent of mosquitoes were killed with fogging. The most effective method is to eliminate them when they are in the larva stage in stagnant water as once they are able to fly, it is very difficult to kill them.
The uptrend in dengue cases is a cause for concern. Perhaps the National Environment Agency should look at non-traditional methods, and breeding places such as coconut trees planted in HDB areas.
Danny Chua Hock Chye


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