Sunday, August 07, 2005

Choked drain - Gilstead Rd outside No 42 across from No 43A - 6 Aug 2005 taken at 11.49 am

Another choked drain in the Newton/Bukit Timah neighbourhood. See how easy it is for stagnant water to collect in drains where there is a ready supply of fallen leaves !!

Update from NEA:
"Our cleansing contractor was alerted on 8 Aug 05 and immediately cleared the choked drains at the implicated sites (Gilstead Road & Chancery Lane). Thanks for the feedback
Nordin SulaimanManager (Tg Pagar GRC2)
Sanitation and Vector Control
Central Regional Office
The National Environment Agency
DID +65 62639312
Fax +65 62739641"


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