Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stagnant water at public drain near the junction of Gentle and Buckley Road

Reply from NEA:

Dear Mr Ho

We have checked and found that there is a sump pit at the junction. The purpose of the sump pit is to trap all the silts washed down from upstream. Slight stagnation of water normally occurs at the site. This is an old design and is no longer built. Please note that our workers carry out weekly checks and ensure that the site is oiled to prevent mosquito breeding. We will request PUB to raise the level of the sum pit so as to allow water to flow through. Thank you for the feedback .

Best regards.

cc Mr Thia - We would appreciate it if you could arrange for the level of the sump pit to be raised asap. Pl contact Mr Chia if you need further clarification.

Nordin Sulaiman

Can you or contractors please check on the stagnant water (as at Monday, 5 Sept evening) at the corner public drain outside the apartment building at 5 Gentle Road, at the junction of Gentle and Buckley Roads?

I've noticedthat this corner seems to collect stagnant water easily as I've seen it happen on many occasions. Maybe there's an inherent problem with the gradient or something that doesn't allow water to flow through. (I was not able to snap photos due to unavailability of camera). Thanks


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