Thursday, August 18, 2005

Martia Road construction site

NEA's reply:

"I refer to your e-mail feedback dated 17 Aug 2005 to MCYS Feedback Unit which was directed to NEA for our attention.

Upon receiving your feedback, we had checked the implicated construction site and found no mosquito breeding. Piling work had been completed while work on the basement is in progress. The building contractor M/s Ever NewBuilders Pte Ltd has also engaged their pest control operator M/s Killem Pest for environmental control measures within their construction site. The site is regularly monitored and inspected at least once a month. So far no mosquito breeding was detected from this site. Thank you for your feedback and concerns.

Lai Kok Peck
Manager, Customer Relation / Surveillance & Intelligence
South East Regional Office
The National Environment Agency
DID +65 67404120
Fax +65 67473863"

construction site along Martia Road, directly opposite Martia 8 condominium, near CHIJ Katong primary school:

although even before construction work started, there were already dengue cases in the neighbourhood....once there was some (NEA?) banner stating the number of dengue cases within the last 1 (or 2?) weeks hung on the railings beside a drain here.


At 7:39 PM, Blogger tzyya said...

do you think aedes mosquito will breed in this kind of water as seen in the photo?


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