Saturday, August 20, 2005

Outbreak at Blk 672B Klang Lane/Little India

Contributor response to NEA dated 1 Sept:
"Attention: Tan Wei Wei,

Thank you for your reply and updates on the actions taken.You confirmed that Mosquitoes were breeding in the places I reported. Why no effort was made to clear the chocked drain?Pictures of the dirty Drop-Inlet-Chamber (DIC) and the choked drain was taken on 31/8/2005 and 1st September2005 - today.It is evident that nothing was done. Kindly advise."

Reply from NEA:
"I refer to your e-mail of 25 August 2005 on the above-mentioned subject, which was addressed to the Minister of Health.
2. Thank you for your feedback. Our records show that our field officers had found mosquito breeding in the drain next to Block 671A Klang Lane on 18 Aug 05. The breeding habitats were eliminated and the Town Council was alerted to clear the drains and spruce up the area. Our subsequent follow-up inspections disclosed no further mosquito breeding in the area.
3. We also appreciate your feedback on portable public toilets. Our check following your feedback revealed that 3 out of the 7 portable toilets had been vandalized resulting in leakage of wastewater. We have since gotten the mobile toilet contractor to repair the toilets and clean up the area. The contractor has also been asked to make regular checks to ensure that the portable toilets are functional.
4. As for the dirty Drop-Inlet-Chamber (DIC) and the drain along Chander Road, they have since been spruced up. NEA also proceeded to take enforcement action against five food shop operators in the area for various public health infringements. They have also been warned not to discharge sullage water or food waste into the public drains.
5. Should you require further assistance, you may contact our Manager for the area, Mr Nordin Sulaiman at DID 62639312 or call our NEA Call Centre at 1800-2255632.
6. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

Yours faithfully,

From a contributor:

"To: - Attention: Mr.Abdul Majid,

Kindly refer to our meeting this afternoon at Klang Lane. As highlighted to you before and now, Blk 672B is infested with mosquitoes. The Portable Toilets in the URA carparks beside the Indian Temple is always overflowing and is an ugly sight to Tourists and many students who visit the Temple for their Social Studies. The drainage along Rotan Lane and Chander Road is choked with "CURRY". See Pictures attached. I would appreciate NEA do something about it. Little India is a smelly place.There is no doubt about it.This is what many of my Overseas friends have commented. I fully agreed."


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