Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Appeal to NEA on 15 Aug 2005 for information on known dengue clusters

Following sent to NEA on 15 Aug 2005 to appeal for information on known dengue clusters:

"I understand cluster areas may change from time to time, but would you be able to let me know the latest known dengue clusters in Singapore? I honestly feel such information should be openly available to residents in Singapore given the huge increase in dengue cases in recent months. Besides, the mosquitoes are known to be able to cover quite a wide area (so I was told by NEA officials), so it would be useful for residents in surrounding estates to be vigilant if there are known dengue clusters in their neighbourhood. Thank you

Ginny TAN wrote:

Dear Jeff,

We thank you for your feedback.We will consider uploading the list of dengue areas on our website.The dengue clusters as mentioned in the media are areas where there aremore than one dengue cases reported.Close monitoring of these clusters would facilitate early intervention byour staff to break the dengue transmission in these areas.The cluster areas may change from time to time depending on the denguecases and the mosquito population.We will make known these areas to the media when dengue cases are high sothat the public are kept informed of the dengue situation in Singapore.We also inform residents living in the vicinity of a dengue cluster so thatthey are aware of the situation and can help get rid of potential breedinghabitats in their homes.

Best regards
Ginny TanManager (Situation Room), Operations
Environmental Health Department
The National Environment Agency "


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