Monday, January 30, 2006

Channel News Asia (30 Jan 2006) - NEA to implement new pre-emptive system to fight dengue

Posted: 30 January 2006 1847 hrs
NEA to implement new pre-emptive system to fight dengue

By Farah Abdul Rahim, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : It may be the festive season but the National Environment Agency (NEA) is not letting up in its fight against dengue.

It is implementing a new pre-emptive strike where officers will do thorough sweeps of all premises even before a dengue case is reported in the area.

The number of dengue fever cases has declined, with some 190 cases reported since January compared to more than 800 during the same period last year.

And there were less than 50 dengue fever cases reported last week.

But NEA says the public must continue to stay vigilant and take preventive measures against mosquito breeding at home, especially with the flowers and plants bought for the Lunar New Year.

"During the Chinese New Year period, many of us buy lucky bamboo, cherry blossoms and pussy willows, and all these are placed in water pots. We encourage the public to change water on alternate days to prevent mosquito breeding," said Dalson Chung from Environmental Health Department at the National Environment Agency. - CNA /ls

Friday, January 27, 2006

Call For Enforcement : Choked Drains At Kent Road And Owen/Dorset Road Junction

Received from NEA on 26 Jan 2006:

Please refer to your feedback to MCYS feedback Unit dated 19 Jan 2006.

Upon receiving your feedback, we immediately deployed our workmen and spruced up the drains.

We agree with your comments that a permanent solution is the best way to solve the problem. We are aware of the condition of the drains and have liaised with our counterpart in the Drainage Department (PUB) to carry our repairs to the site. You may wish to note their contractor are currently carrying out repairs to the drain at junction Owen Road and Dorset Road.

We will continue to work closely with Drainage Department to rectify all defective drains in the area progressively. In the meantime, we will carry out oiling regularly to prevent mosquito breeding.

Thank you for the feedback.

Yours faithfully

Nordin Sulaiman
Manager (Tg Pagar GRC2)
Sanitation and Vector Control
Central Regional Office
National Environment Agency

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Choked drain at PIE/Adam Road flyover to Changi Airport (7 Jan 2006)

Sent on 25 Jan 2006:

25 Jan 2006

Re your 9 Jan email below, may I have your response on action taken, if any.

Thank you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Choked drains at Blk 54 Kent Road/Mergui Road junction and Owen/Dorset Road junction

Sent to NEA on 19 Jan 2006:

Attached are photos taken this evening at the 2 trouble spots, one of which (the Owen/Dorset Road junction) is a perpetual problem which needs a permanent solution rather than ad-hoc measures.

Please do the needful to clear the chokages that result in stagnant water - perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekly dengue cluster update - last update: 31 Dec 2005

Reply from MOH, 16 Jan 2006:

Thank you for your feedback.

The weekly update of the dengue clusters has ceased because over the past 2 months, the number of dengue cases have dropped drastically and theMinistry of Environment and Water Resources has announced that the situation is under control.

For your information, the number of cases is still updated in the weekly "Infectious Diseases Bulletin" available on the MOH website at:

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Jerome Lee
Marketing Comms Executive
Ministry of Health

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Choked drains at: Chancery Lane, Bukit Tunggal and Gentle Road

Reply from PUB on 11 Jan 2006:

Thank you for your feedback.

We have investigated this matter and found that few sections of the drain have sunken which causes the water to pond in the drains. We will replace the sunken portion of the drain to prevent ponding of water in the drains.

Yours sincerely
Choy Wai Kwong
Senior Manager
Catchment And Waterways
Public Utilities Board

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weekly dengue cluster update - last update: 31 Dec 2005/Minister says dengue under control

Sent to NEA:

Date: 10 Jan 2006

I note the last update was up to 31 Dec 2005. ( Location of Active Clusters* (as of 31 Dec 05) ).

The site mentioned update was to be done weekly (Note: From 1st Nov 2005, the figures on this page will be updated on a weekly basis.).

Why hasn't one been done for the 1st week of Jan 2006 yet?


Channel News Asia

Posted: 08 January 2006 1703 hrs

Environment Minister says dengue situation under control

By Patwant Singh, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : Singapore's dengue situation is under control, says Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim. The number has dropped from more than 700 cases at the peak to the present 84 cases weekly. Dr Yaacob was the Guest-of-Honour at a public health carnival organised by the South West District on Sunday. He emphasised the importance of community efforts in helping to spread the message about preventive measures against dengue. He also outlined the priorities for his Ministry this year. Dr Yaacob said: "Cleanliness is something that we want to tackle a bit more seriously. We want to work with our partners so that we can roll out the messages, so that everyone understands that they are responsible and they have a role to play. Beyond that we are looking at, for example, the issue of air pollution would be important. "I was in Montreal for the climate change conference. We have mentioned this about the Kyoto Protocol and this are the other issues that we are looking at." - CNA/de

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Choked drains at: Chancery Lane, Bukit Tunggal and Gentle Road

Received from NEA, 9 Jan:

We refer to the feedback on choked drains at in front of No.34 Chancery Lane (Opp. Chancery Grove), 7 Bt Tunggal Rd and F/O 39 Gentle Rd dated 5 Jan 2006.

2. We had conducted mosquito surveys at the implicated area but no mosquito breeding was detected. Our checked showed that the drains mentioned were sunken and accumulated fallen leaves were observed in the drains. Our contractor had since spruced up the drains and they were cautioned to maintain the drains according to schedule. We will penalize them for any cleansing lapses found. We had referred the defective drains to PUB (Drainage) for repairs.

3. Thank you for your feedbacks. Please contact our manager of the area Mr Nordin Sulaiman at Tel 62639312 or email to should you require further assistance..

Sincere regards
Zulkarnain H Baktee
Customer Relations, Surveillance & Intelligence
Central Regional Office
National Environment Agency
DID +65 63702602
Fax +65 62739641

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Choked drain at PIE/Adam Road flyover to Changi Airport (7 Jan 2006)

Sent to NEA on 7 Jan 2006:

Please do the needful at another perpetual stagnant-water drain. Thanks

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Choked drains at: Chancery Lane, Bukit Tunggal and Gentle Road

Sent to NEA:

5 Jan 2006

By just doing a cursory drive past this morning, at least 4 spots in the Newton/Novena neighbourhood (Chancery Lane, Bukit Tunggal and Gentle Road) have been identified with choked drains.

Mind you, these are all within 200-300 metres of each other. Just imagine if this were to happen all across the island - be prepared for another dengue outbreak!!