Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today (17 Aug 2006) - Roof gutters: A new national standard for roof drainage has been introduced

To: HsienLoong Lee - lee_hsien_loong@pmo.gov.sg

CC: Yaacob Ibrahim - yaacob_ibrahim@mewr.gov.sg,
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"...the government may also consider mandating roof gutters (a source of breeding that is hard to maintain because of accessibility) be changed/improved to prevent ponding..." (see link http://denguealert.blogspot.com/2005/09/letter-to-prime-minister-make.html for full message)

To: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

cc: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim - MEWR Minister
cc: Feedback Unit

22 Aug 2006

I am indeed heartened to read of the government finally taking up my suggestion of regulating roof gutters in private homes (refer to attached and link to the blog), one of the many sources of mosquito breeding.

Let's partner in our on-going fight against this menace as this fight involves everyone.




Friday, September 02, 2005

Letter to the Prime Minister - Make Singapore dengue-free
(see link above for full message)


Today, 17 Aug 2006

.Getting roofs in line
.A new national standard for roof drainage has been introduced.
.The revised code of practice includes a new section on the prevention of mosquito breeding, setting out specifications for the design of roof gutters, rainwater outlets and rainwater down pipes.
.The revised standard has been introduced to help construction companies abide by the designs and procedures spelled out by the National Environment Agency (NEA).
.Last November, the NEA banned roof gutters for all new developments in a bid to prevent mosquito breeding. Only if a waiver has been obtained in writing from the agency are exceptions to the rule permitted. — 938Live