Friday, April 28, 2006

Litter on Jurong East Ave 1 from Jurong Polyclinic to Street 31

Sent to NEA on 28 Apr 2006:

I want to highlight that the skretch of Jurong East Ave 1 from Jurong Polyclinic to Street 31 are littered with paper, water bottles, sweet wrappers etc etc.

Those litters along street 31, I saw it on Mon AM and today Fri AM, the same litters are still there.

Like I said before, it is NEA responsibilities to ensure that the contractor are doing the jobs that they are paid for. Dont waste taxpayers money!

In the above example, it is clear that the contractors did not "cleansed every morning" like have you said, not even once in 5 days!

I wonder ..why...NEA dare not impose liquidated damages or terminate the contracts.

I should not have to write NEA every now and esp for this area is a repeated case which I highlighted in my email dated 1st Mar.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ref: WK642464211 : Vector - Potential Mosq Breeding at ANG MO KIO STREET 62

Reply from NEA on 24 Apr 2006:

Ref: WK642464211

Dear Mr Jeff Ho,

Thank you for your feedback in respect of puddles of water on the ground.

Our officer from Central Regional Office will look into the matter and reply to you shortly. Please call me or email again if NEA can be of further service.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Chong Wan Kee
Public Relations Manager
Tel: 1800-CALL NEA [1800-2255 632]
National Environment Agency Call Centre

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NCS Building at Yio Chu Kang - after so many months...

Sent to NEA (problem encountered when uploading photo):

After so many months, the field near NCS building (YCK) is still not done yet.

First truckloads of soil was dumped to the small field, causing all the annoying insects to migrate to our residence.
And now after so many months, nothing is being done to the field. As you can see on the pictures, the grounds have so many puddle of water, even long after the rain has gone.
We also noticed that after a few days of rain, we will have mosquitoes coming into our flats.

We think it is about time something is done to this fields.
Thank you.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Why are public drains not scrutinised? - Straits Times (7 Apr 2006): Govt acts to pre-empt dengue epidemic

Sent on 7 April 2006:

To: Dr Yaacob Ibrahim - MEWR
: Feedback Unit

7 Apr 2006

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

I refer to the article in the Straits Times, "Govt acts to pre-empt dengue epidemic" (ST, 7 Apr).

While I applaud the government's proactive efforts in curbing dengue this year (after the painful lesson last year when the NEA was caught off-guard during the dengue outbreak), I note there is a glaring absence of any mention of NEA's efforts regarding checks on public drains which are the responsibilities of both the NEA and town councils.

As you will recall, most of last years' identified breeding spots were found in public drains (and not homes), so it is disheartening to read of focused efforts targeting at homes while leaving out any mention of NEA's efforts towards the main culprit, the public drains! (Refer above article - "...Homes will be checked every six months, hawker centres and schools every three months, and construction sites - notorious breeding grounds - will come under NEA scrutiny every month...")

Perhaps there are such plans which the media failed to mention, so it would be good if the public can likewise be kept informed of such plans.

Thank you

Best Regards

Feedback on Blk 517B MSCP Jurong West St 52

Sent on 5 Apr 2006 to West Coast-Ayer Rajah Town Council:

See the photo of water flooding at the car washing bay of Blk 517B jurong West multi-storey carpark. With so many problems in my estate, sometimes i wonder if my estate is managed by potong pasir or hougang town council. I wont be surprised that the 2 opposition wards are better maintained because
1) they are not complacent
2) they dun want to get complaint
3) they dun want to general cleanliness to be a election issue and cause them to lose votes.

--- Toh Peirong <> wrote:---------------------------------

Dear Swarni,

Thank you for your kind feedback. All the feedbacks that you mention about the Blk 517B MSCP have been rectified on 03/04/06. Regarding the Leaky linkway, we will be carrying out another water test and follow up on those leaky areas on 05/04/06 (Wednesday).

If you have any other maintenance feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me at tel no. 68964864 (DID) or email me at, so that I can look into the feedback promptly. We thank you once again for your feedback.

Toh Peirong
Property Officer
West Coast - Ayer Rajah Town Council

Today (7 April 2006) - NEA ups anti-mozzie efforts

Singapore News // Friday, April 7, 2006
NEA ups anti-mozzie efforts

Checks for breeding sites to intensify as dengue cases are expected to go up as weather turns warmer

EXPECT a knock on your door at least once every six months from National Environment Agency (NEA) officers looking for potential breeding habitats of mosquitoes.
.These efforts, which are expected to reach an approximate 1.1 million households and other public premises, are part of an ongoing surveillance system started since January this year.
.Though the number of dengue cases has dropped for the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, NEA is stepping up its efforts against the Aedes mosquito.From January to March last year, there were over 2,800 cases of dengue reported. For the same period this year, the number was 749.
.But as Singapore heads for a warmer and wetter season, NEA will intensify the combing of public areas for a month, starting from April 17.
.Said Environmental Health Department head Dalson Chung: "With the warmer months that are coming up in May, June and July ... based on the last year's trend, we can expect the dengue cases to go up.
."So, to reverse this trend, we will be intensifying our search-and-destroy operations ... At the same time, we'd also like to urge all the households to continue to be vigilant and practice their 10-minute, 5-step Mozzie Wipeout campaign.
."Together, I think we can reduce the number of breedings in homes and also outside homes."
.NEA will also designate inspectors to the various constituencies in Singapore to work with officers from town councils and the Inter-Agency Task Force, deploying up to 1,500 inspectors for the task.
.The inspectors will conduct checks on all premises in Singapore every three to six months. "Breeding is the only thing we can step up on for dengue prevention, since other factors such as temperature, weather and our immune system to the virus is out of our control," said Mr Chung.
.For homes found with potential breeding grounds, NEA officers will educate and give verbal advice on ways to eliminate them.
.But $100 fines will be issued if actual mosquito larvae are found in the home. The amount will be doubled for repeat offences. — Cheow Xin Yi

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mosquitoes breeding at Blk 517B Jurong West

Sent to NEA on 3 Apr 2006:

Instead of spraying oil into the drain, shouldnt town council address the root cause ie repair the drain ? Isnt pouring oil into the drain, polluting the water of singapore? Imagine all the hawker start pouring oil into the drains at their backlane ?

Also, 1-2 weeks/months these contractors may forget to spray oil into the drains and mosquitoes larva will start to breed again. Denque will spread again.

See Feb email from NEA, this is not the first time mosquitoes are found in Blk 517B JW.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mosquitoes breeding at Blk 517B Jurong West

(Note: Problem encountered in uploading photos)

Sent to NEA on 2 Apr 2006:

See photos.

The drains in and around Blk 517B jurong West Str 52 (Multi-storey car park) are choked and filled with stagnant water.

And I saw mosquitoes larva breeding at Deck 5B.

Appreciate it if NEA officers could check it out.

Will NEA be imposing a fine on West Coast Town council?

Monday, April 03, 2006

River Valley Swimming Complex - Tadpoles, dead bird found in disused pool,4136,104355-1143928740,00.html?

River Valley Swimming Complex
Tadpoles, dead bird found in disused pool
FOR some, the old River Valley Swimming Complex holds good memories.
By Nicole Na
01 April 2006
FOR some, the old River Valley Swimming Complex holds good memories.
That may vanish if they see the state it is in now.
Three years after the complex was closed to the public in April 2003, it resembles a pond.
The New Paper visited it on 20 Mar.
Large drifts of dead leaves were seen floating on the murky water with moss and algae growing on its sides.
Worse, a decomposing bird was found among layers of dead leaves inside the pool.
The children's pool was in a slightly better condition as it was drier, but there were tadpoles in the muddy water.
Has it become a dengue hot-spot?
The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), which took over the complex in May 2003, said that they have been fogging the complex regularly.
Those who used to use the pool regularly were disappointed to hear about its poor state.
Said Mr Koh Horne Kuan, 48, a telemarketing manager: 'I used to frequent the pool when I was younger, to de-stress after work. The fact that the pool is now so dirty upsets me.'
Said Miss Tan Mia Joo, 36, a film producer: 'I'm quite sad that it ended up this way. The leaves and dead bird are understandable, as they could happen within a few days.
'But the algae? That must have taken a few weeks or even months.'
Added Miss Tan: 'It's quite strange as Singapore is normally very efficient. When something closes down, another building will usually take its place.'
Miss Christine Lim, 30, a corporate communications assistant manager, suggested: 'Instead of closing the pool down, it should have been upgraded so that people would go back there.'
But its future appears to be in limbo.
Last year, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) unveiled plans to lease a number of unused swimming pools, but this was not among them.
The complex earlier belonged to the SSC.
According to an SLA spokesman, it cannot tender the site for rental as it is being studied for redevelopment by other agencies, such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and National Parks Board (NParks).
Both the URA and NParks told The New Paper that at the moment, there are no concrete plans for its redevelopment.
In the interim, it is occasionally used as a location for film shoots and corporate events.
After SLA took over, it has been maintaining the site, which includes 'pruning trees and sweeping away litter and debris' every fortnight.
The SLA also said that rain water which has collected in the pool is pumped out once every three months.
The SLA spokesman said: 'The last time the pool was drained prior to 20 Mar was in mid-December 2005.
'In light of the dengue outbreak late last year, SLA has also upped the frequency of fogging and oiling the pool from two to four times a month.
'The pool is also frequently checked by the National Environment Agency to ensure that the water is free of mosquito breeding.'
Caretaker Liam Peng Fock, 67, claims that he has not fallen sick in the six months that he has been working there.
As for the dead bird, SLA removed it the next day.
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